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File management is an art!

Directory Opus 9 is out!

Most important thing about this release is a Vista support.. so if you feel it’s for you go ahead and upgrade today!

Nudel’s review

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May 15, 2007 around 6:42 am

Total SWF Kit

For those of you who is not familiar yet with the process of manual plugins installation or just too lazy to cope with this on your own. I can offer an easy one-click installation of all my Macromedia/Adobe related plugins for Total Commander, all you have to do is to download package mmPack.exe [2.2Mb]

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September 28, 2006 around 2:08 am

Monroe’s review of Directory Opus

For those of you who didn’t even heard about Directory Opus, I’ve red Monroe’s review of it and you know what?
I can’t add anything to it, it’s a great opinion worth to read and think around too.

Computer application programs (aka ‘productivity’ titles) are a funny thing. They appear to fall into one of two categories; one, you don’t need it (anything that TechTV and the rest of the media ignore) or two, your soul will be stolen in the middle of the night if you don’t have it (anything they can scare the living crap out of consumers with). Unfortunately, tools that solve small problems tend to get largely overlooked by the media.

Read the whole review at:
Monroeworld review of dopus8

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September 23, 2006 around 1:09 pm

Viewer plugin for Directory Opus – SWF Helper

With SWF Helper you can view thumbnails of Flash movie files by Adobe Inc., also it populate Description, Dimensions columns with swf movie properties such as dimensions plus frames per second rate.

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September 16, 2006 around 11:23 am

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FavEx – system wide favorites

“FavEx is a little nifty utility to bring Total Commander’s Ctrl-D (Directory menu) system wide for standard Open/Save dialogs.” “Total Commander Directory menu” What’s this? – this is a dropdown popup menu used to hold your *fixed* frequently used folders around your system and local network. How often you use it? couple times a day? […]

Painless migration of TC stuff

  TC Migrator is utility for easy migrate/backup/restore process of Total Commander settings, resources, plugins, icons, language packs, menu files, etc. It allows you to change whole TC appearance with only one click, also if you an author of TC related stuff you can create .tcm packages for distribution over the net. Almost every TC user […]